Our Facilities

A multi-million pound fleet to ensure we never let you down.
Our facilities


Tom White Waste are pleased to announce the ‘Grand Opening’ of the new building was a massive success.
We held the event on 29th June 2016, and after several months of preparing, planning and building, the new plant was provisionally opened. It gave guests a chance to see the new building, the plant itself and the process all our material will go through to further reach our ethical aim of 0% to landfill. We had special event speakers from BLUE and R.E.S who discussed the operation of the new plant.

In September 2016 the facility was fully commissioned and we now operate a brand new recycling centre with indoor material recovery facility, which provides all construction and trade waste customers with 100% diversion from landfill.

Our fleet & equipment

Tom White Waste operates a multi-million pound fleet of commercial waste collection vehicles.

We only buy the world’s leading brands and constantly renew and upgrade our vehicles to ensure they stay on the road, working for you.

What’s more, we have on-site servicing and repair facilities with a massive range of spare parts in stock, so when problems do occur they are sorted out fast.

To give you even more peace of mind, we ensure that our staff are trained to use our full range of vehicles.

We’re proud of our superb quality fleet and we’re sure you’ll be happy to see us pulling up outside your premises.

What material do we accept?

We accept the following material:

  • Cardboard
  • Green Waste
  • General Mixed Waste
  • Hardcore
  • Inert
  • Mixed Construction Waste
  • Wood

If you require any more information regarding the material we accept, please call us on: 024 7666 2525, opt 4