Our Facilities

A multi-million pound fleet to ensure we never let you down.
Our facilities


Tom White Waste operate a dedicated indoor recycling facility, which was fully commissioned in September 2016.

The plant is designed to allow the processing and segregation of waste where all recyclable material is separated and treated according to the waste stream

Plastic, hard and soft, cardboard and paper are all baled on site with other materials such as metal, wood, glass and plasterboard, and bulked up for transportation to specialist recycling facilities within the local vicinity.

General waste is shredded and sent as Refuse Derived Fuels to a nearby facility, where it is processed further and used as waste to energy.

This allows us to provide all of our trade and construction customers with a true zero to landfill solution.

Our fleet & equipment

Tom White Waste operates a multi-million pound fleet of commercial waste collection and skip vehicles.

We only buy the world’s leading brands, and constantly renew and upgrade our vehicles to ensure we have a modern and reliable fleet, in order to provide the services to meet the needs of our clients. This also complies with our policy of reducing the carbon footprint, by using vehicles that meet the latest emission standards and improve fuel efficiency.

We have on-site servicing and repair facilities with a range of spare parts in stock, so when problems do occur they are sorted out fast.

We’re proud of our superb quality fleet and we’re sure you’ll be happy to see us pulling up outside your premises.

What material do we accept?

We accept the following material:

  • Cardboard
  • Green Waste
  • General Mixed Waste
  • Hardcore
  • Inert
  • Mixed Construction Waste
  • Wood

If you require any more information regarding the material we accept, please call us on: 024 7666 2525, opt 4