Here at Tom White Waste, we are passionate about helping organisations to recycle as much as they can.
Passionate about recycling

Recycling is our business

We operate the largest and busiest commercial Materials Recovering Facility in Coventry which reprocesses and recycles hundreds of tonnes of waste every single day.

We’re local

Because we are based right here in Coventry; we are truly a local green choice! By keeping your waste local you are doing even more to help the planet by cutting down on vehicle emissions!

Our recycling history

Tom White Waste Limited were established in 1981, making them the biggest and longest established waste management and recycling company in Coventry – we started recycling in 1988 when we took over an existing recycling business.

Since then we have seen the volume of waste that we process rise massively to over 75,000 tonnes per year.

Diversion from landfill

Since 2007 we have operated a Materials Recovering Facility (MRF) at Stonebrook Way, Coventry.  This facility enables us to separate waste into recyclable and reusable elements, ensuring that well over half of everything that we touch gets recycled.

The material that cannot be recycled, Residual waste, is then processed and prepared for use a Refuse Derived Fuel. This allows the material to be used as Waste to Energy.

In many cases we recycle 100% of the waste we take in and now achieve 100% diversion from landfill.

The future of waste handling

We have recently invested over £10 million on a new state of the art Materials Recovery facility at our transfer station in Coventry. The New indoor facility will reduce pollution within the surrounding area and provide us with over 7500 sq metres to process and segregate waste thus providing our trade waste clients with a true zero to landfill solution.

This will not only exceed the targets set by government to reduce waste to Landfill but will also meet the environmental objectives of both ourselves and our customers. The Plant was fully commissioned by the end of October 2016 and is the only such facility within the Coventry and Warwickshire area.