Need to Know

The 8 big things you need to know before you book a skip!
Frequently asked questions

Before you hire a skip

“How do I find a good skip hire company?”

It’s not always easy to find a good, ethical and responsible skip company – Internet search engines or phone books are full of identical looking ads.

Personal recommendations and experience obviously help, but here’s a tip; Tom White Waste operate their own licensed waste transfer stations (regulated by the Environment Agency) and are members of the Waste Management Institution and hold recognised Quality, Environmental and Safety Accreditations.

Take your time to compare and ensure your waste is processed and disposed of properly, and in accordance with legislation.

Fly tipping costs us all and is illegal; be responsible and be aware of your Duty of Care when disposing of waste.

With Tom White Waste you can be sure you comply with all of the above.


“What actually happens to my rubbish when they take it away?”

Three things can happen to your rubbish and it’s important to know what they might be:

  1. If you use a less reputable company there’s a possibility the waste could be fly-tipped, which would leave the council to clean it up (and you, the council tax payer, to foot the bill).
  2. Some skip companies will take the waste direct to a land-fill site.
  3. Tom White Waste will separate the waste at their transfer stations to ensure all recyclable material is recovered with residual waste processed for use as refuse derived fuel. Only the minimum amount of non-recyclable domestic waste is sent to Landfill.

Landfill space in the UK is running out fast.

It is expensive and against the Environmental objectives we all seek to achieve.

“Why do I need to care?”

The law states you are responsible for your waste.  You need to know who collects it and what they’re going to do with it.  It’s called Duty of Care and you are responsible for the disposal of your waste in line with legislation. Tom White Waste will provide you with a transfer note to ensure you comply with the law and give you peace of mind that your waste is being processed and disposed of in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

“How do I get them to turn up on time?”

Please provide us with all the relevant information at the time of ordering or collection and we will do everything possible to meet your requirements.

All vehicles in our fleet are fitted with two-way radios and a vehicle tracking system which provides us with real time monitoring and control of deliveries and collections.

This allows us to provide our customers with accurate information based on morning or afternoon time slots.

Help us to avoid delays by allowing clear access for delivery or collection and ensure the skip is not overloaded, thus preventing it being removed from your premises.


Payment is on delivery or exchange of the skip.

We accept cash paid to the driver at time of delivery or you can pay by all major credit or debit cards (excluding AMEX) when you order the skip by phone or online.


“Can I put my skip on the street?”

Yes you can have the skip placed on the public highway or on council land providing permission is gained from the local authority and the appropriate licence is obtained.

We’re more than happy to arrange this for you, however there are two things to bear in mind: how long it takes to obtain the licence and how much it will cost.  Different councils charge different amounts and the time to issue them can vary from council to council. Also, the validity of the licence can vary from one authority to another. Please bear this in mind when planning to carry out work at your premises.

“What size skip do I need?”

Booking the wrong size of skip can cause problems and you could incur additional costs.

Whilst it is difficult for us to advise without actually seeing the amount of waste you need to dispose of, we are happy to provide some guidelines as below.

Please do not order a skip by price as this may not be the size you need and could lead to overloading, thereby preventing us collecting and transporting the skip on the public highway.

Here’s our sizing guide:


2 Yard Mini Skip
This is for a small clear-out. It will hold about 25 full bin bags.

3 Yard Midi Skip
This is popular for the typical room clearance.  It will hold more like 35 full bin bags.

4 Cubic Yard Skip
This is more suitable for bulky waste or a bigger household job. This will hold up to 45 full bin bags plus.

7.3 Cubic Yard Builder’s Skip

This is the classic builder’s skip and is popular for big house or garden clearances.  You could get 70 full bin bags in here.

If you are a Trade or Commercial client you may be interested in hiring one of our larger skips. We can offer 10yd enclosed or 14 cubic yard open skips, as well as 16 or 35 cubic yard Roll on-offs.