How much does skip hire cost in Coventry and Warwickshire?


Want to know how much our skip hire costs in Coventry and Warwickshire? This all depends on the size of the skip, length of hire, location and distance to the skip hire company.

Our popular skip sizes cost around £160 inc. VAT and the bigger skips usually cost around £275 inc. VAT when you hire a Tom White skip. We also take into account cost of council permits, prices by region, length of skip hire and weight limits. 

What are the most popular skip sizes and how much do they cost?

The container size will be the most significant cost factor when hiring a skip, with smaller skips, like a 2-cubic yard costing less than a builders’ skip due to the volume of waste each skip can take.

Popular skip sizes and their prices are listed below.*

*Please note: the prices below are a guide to our skip hire prices, which may vary depending on region and whether you’re an account customer. For accurate pricing for your specifications, please request a quote.

2 and 3-Yard Mini Skip Hire

Uses: Our 2-yard and 3-yard skips or mini skip are ideal for small tasks like retiling a bathroom, seasonal clear-outs, or a secondary skip for a single waste stream like cardboard or plasterboard. Find out more about 2 and 3-yard skips.

Cost: Prices range from £160-180 inc. VAT

Size: Approximately 25-35+ bin bags

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4-Yard Midi Skip Hire

Uses: A 4 yard skip is ideal for minor refurbishments such as a second bathroom, utility rooms, garden, and house clearances. Find out more about 4-yard skips.

Cost: Prices from £180 inc. VAT

Size: Approximately 45-55+ bin bags

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7.3-Yard Builders’ Skip Hire

Uses: A 7.3 yard skip or builders’ skip is a popular choice in the construction industry as they have enough capacity for kitchen or bathroom renovation and many other commercial and domestic projects. Find out more about 7.3 yard skips.

Cost: Prices from £275 inc. VAT

Size: Approximately 75+ bin bags

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For a great deal on larger skip sizes in Coventry and Warwickshire, request a quote today!


What other skip hire factors do you consider when pricing?

Whilst the size of the container will largely determine how much a skip will cost, some other elements will increase the cost of hiring a skip:

1. Cost of Council Permits

If you intend to place the skip on public land, such as a public road, you will usually require a skip hire permit. If you place the skip on your property or another privately owned land, you will not require a skip permit. Skip hire permits are issued by local councils, although many skip hire companies, including Tom White, can obtain permits on your behalf as part of the hire cost.

Different councils’ charges vary. See below for a table of skip hire permit fees by Warwickshire and Coventry councils.

Location >3 working days <3 working days Renewal
Coventry £45 £50 £40
Warwickshire CC £64 £74 £64
2. Skip Hire Prices by Region

Skip hire prices often vary from region to region, and hire costs are generally higher the further away from the skip hire company, which is why it’s usually cheaper to buy from a local operator within a 15 miles radius of the location you need the skip.

3. How long you intend to hire a skip

Another factor that often affects the cost of hiring a skip is the length of the hire period. In general, the longer the hire period, the higher the price. Hire periods usually last 14-days, so if you plan on keeping a skip for longer than two weeks, contact the company beforehand to arrange the most cost-effective option. Extended hire periods can lead to increased skip permit costs, so if you place your skip on council land, you may need to apply for a skip permit extension or renewal.

4. Skip Weight Limits

2 to 7.3 yards filled to the load level with heavy materials, such as dirt and rubble, will not usually incur an overweight charge. Larger skips should be filled with heavy and light waste due to the loading truck’s weight limitations. Skips that exceed the weight load will be charged additional costs. We will advise you when booking the weight restriction of your skip.

How do I reduce the cost of a skip?

If you don’t have a drive or private land to store the skip as you fill it and you can move the items to a safe space outside your home, then a man-and-van collection service, like Click and Clear, is an alternative to a skip as there is no need for a skip permit. This service allows you to remove items from your home or business, such as an old sofa, kitchen cabinets, desks and tables, in one go. Items can be collected within a two-hour timeslot with options for larger volumes of waste, up to the equivalent of a 19-yard skip, which wouldn’t be suitable for many commercial or domestic properties, meaning less money spent on skip exchanges.


Do you offer an alternative to skip hire?

Want to have a big clear out, but don’t want to have to decide in advance to book a skip or leave your rubbish on site for days? Our unique Click and Clear waste collection service makes having clear outs a whole lot easier. Simply let us know how much waste you have, select a time slot for us to pick it up and we’ll travel to your site and take the waste off your hands. Learn more about our handy Click and Clear option, here. 

Hiring a skip is a well-known solution for clearing unwanted waste. Whether you’re renovating a room in a house, clearing out commercial properties, or landscaping a garden, skip hire offers an affordable, long-term solution to dispose of rubbish and waste. Our friendly team is here to help with any questions at 024 7666 2525 or request a quote for any of our services.


How much does skip hire cost with Tom White?
The cost of skip hire varies depending on factors such as skip size, length of hire, location, and distance to the skip hire company. Generally, prices range from approximately £160 to £275 including VAT.

What are the most popular skip sizes and their costs?
Popular skip sizes include 2-yard, 3-yard, 4-yard, and 7.3-yard skips. Prices range from £160 to £275 including VAT. For accurate pricing, it’s recommended to request a quote.

How can I reduce the cost of skip hire?
If you lack private land for skip placement, consider utilising a man-and-van collection service like Click and Clear. This alternative service doesn’t require a skip permit and offers flexible waste removal options.

5. Do you offer alternatives to skip hire?
Yes, we provide the Click and Clear waste collection service, offering a convenient solution for clear-outs without the need for skip booking or leaving rubbish on-site for extended periods. Learn more about this service for hassle-free waste removal.

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